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February 13, 2020

Hello World

OP Almaraz

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to the Mann Up Report. This is Scott Mann. I am your trusted source for leadership issues that matter in your world and that have an impact bigger than yourself, bigger than me, bigger than the community. We are leaders without titles and today is no exception to that. For part two, talking about resilience, my dear friend Eric Hodgdon. He is an author. He is a speaker and he is a resilience leader, leader without a title but a resilience leader. Unfortunately, with the loss of his daughter Zoi, he had to figure this one out and he did and he talked to us on the last podcast about what happened, how he lost his daughter and how he came through that grief and found a path toward resilience and now he’s on a path to share it with people who are going through grief of their own and that’s what we’re going to dial into today. We’re going to get really detailed on the work that he’s doing and more importantly how you can leverage it in your life.

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