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Speaker - Coach - Business Owner

Take Control of Your Life By
Embracing Change

What if I could help change your mindset from average, to supernatural?

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Since the loss of his brother Victor, OP has been blessed with the opportunity to speak in front of thousands of kids, parents, schools and business professionals. Among being a professional motivational speaker, OP runs a restoration company in Southern California, Allied Restoration and mentors Restoration Business Owners nationwide to build up a powerful culture like he did.

Motivational Speaking

OP has delivered a TedTalks and impacted thousands of lives through his personal experience. The message motivates and allows others to take action.

Personal Coaching

The first job of a leader is to create more leaders. OP has opened the door for many people to become leaders and managers within the organization. All it takes it a little structure and a lot of opportunities. 

Corporate Training

The last thing we need is to hate our jobs. A powerful culture will stay strong and squeeze out any people that poisons the culture. 


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