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Inspiring Change

O.P. Almaraz brings genuine passion and over 23 years of entrepreneurial experience. Growing up on government cheese & food stamps, poverty was part of his culture. He found an opportunity in construction and immersed himself in the business. Climbing the ladder, from sales estimator to Vice President, to business owner, and after 15 years he found success.


Two years after starting Allied Restoration, O.P. was faced with a massive emotional & economical blow that nearly bankrupted his company. Having sought out the best mentors on the planet, he executed on what he learned and launched a marketing campaign that took his business from life support to a thriving $8 million dollar business. 


O.P. is on a mission to create positive change in the lives of people who have the desire to get more out of life, living with a higher level of passion, meaning, and contribution. 
As a speaker, O.P. shares his experience of the good the bad and the ugly of business ownership. Influenced by 15 years of participation in masterminds, leadership training, and growth strategies, his specialty is discovering the limiting beliefs that hold back the entrepreneur from living their true authentic life. O.P.’s combination of relentless work ethic, determination, and power fused with his passion to defy the odds of his own barriers, enable him to do his part in changing the world and teaching others to do the same
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